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ASI provides a consistent level of excellence from the owners, account managers, supervisors and asphalt crew. They take pride in the quality their work and take no shortcuts. They stage projects to minimize impact on tenants and customers. With ASI I can always count on an excellent job at a fair cost."

- Sherry Benz, Portfolio Realty Management, Inc.

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We settle for nothing less than the best from every man on the job.


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    Ideal for parking lots and driveways due to its strength and durability, and for its ability to withstand changes in temperature. Inexpensive and low maintenance.


    Paving is done at reduced temperatures, which also reduces the greenhouse gasses emitting during the paving process. Higher percentages of recycled asphalt and greater compaction add to the environmental friendliness of this asphalt.


    Reduce tire noise using fine-graded surface, open-graded friction, rubberized asphalt or stone-matrix asphalt.


    Strong, flexible base prevents cracks, permanent middle layer, top layer will last several years. Only the top layer is removed and replaced when needed, which reduces the time and cost needed to maintain the surface over decades.


    Water drains through the surface of the asphalt, improving groundwater quality due to the filtering factors and allowing stormwater management and control.

During your free first inspection, we'll assess your project and your property and then make a recommendation on how to proceed. Our experienced estimators have the expertise you need to make the right choice to ensure the best possible outcome – one that also meets your specifications – on time and on budget. 

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As a general engineering contractor, we can also manage the project for you.

Hire ASI as your general engineering contractor and we can also manage subs for all the underground utilities. That gives you just one source of accountability – us – and we'll make sure not only that the job will be done to spec and the inspections happen on schedule, you'll also get highest return on your investment.

That's because we settle for nothing less than the best from every man on the job.

Ready for that asphalt?

If you're ready to get started, request a quote below. Not sure if ASI is right for you and your project? We can discuss that in the initial call. Or visit our about page to learn more about how we work and the value we bring to your project.

Rest easy knowing your project is in expert hands.

We work with clients in San Jose, Fremont, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Milpitas, Oakland, San Francisco, Morgan Hill and all points in between.