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ASI provides a consistent level of excellence from the owners, account managers, supervisors and asphalt crew. They take pride in the quality their work and take no shortcuts. They stage projects to minimize impact on tenants and customers. With ASI I can always count on an excellent job at a fair cost."

- Sherry Benz, Portfolio Realty Management, Inc., San Jose

HOA MANAGERS – Roads, walkways, parking, and other surfaces need your attention.

Your job as an HOA manager is to ensure the safety and satisfaction of both residents and visitors, and properly maintaining your asphalt and concrete surfaces has a lot to do with that in three important ways: 

    Getting around your property safely either by car or on foot depends on smooth, well-maintained and well-marked roads and walkways.
    In addition, there is an aesthetic value that adds to curb appeal and attracts a higher caliber of resident.
    And there is also the economic benefit residents receive. Proper concrete and asphalt maintenance extends the life of your roads, walkways, and parking stalls and keeps expenses down. That in turn helps keep HOA fees down.

When is it time for maintenance and/or repair?

Your asphalt can last up the 25 years unless you neglect needed maintenance and upkeep. Keeping track of the lifecycle of your asphalt and paying attention to when you need to act will make sure you get the most from your paving investment.

Don't let little problems grow into bigger ones.

ASI offers free inspections to determine when your HOA needs to take action.

Better be safe than sorry, so call in an expert when you're in doubt about the condition of your asphalt and concrete surfaces, and ASI is the single source you need for their proper maintenance, repair and replacement. If you think that might just be a boastful claim, please check out our expertise on the following service pages:

Ready to get started? Request an inspection and/or quote below. 

During your free first inspection, we'll assess your project and your property and then make a recommendation on how to proceed. Our experienced estimators have the expertise you need to make the right choice to ensure the best possible outcome – one that also exceeds your expectations – on time and on budget. 

You really can rest easy knowing your HOA is in expert hands with ASI.

We work with clients in San Jose, Fremont, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Milpitas, Oakland, San Francisco, Morgan Hill and all points in between.