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Save Money with Sealcoating

As customers arrive at your business, they only need a few seconds to form a first impression. Curb appeal matters! One of the first places that your customers will notice is the very road they drive in on and the parking lot that they enter. Sealcoating is a great option for improving curb appeal as well as lengthening the life of your parking lot. Read a little bit more about why investing in sealcoating is right for your property.

Sealcoating Resists Oxidation

The sun can seriously damage asphalt. Asphalt has oils that keep it flexible and the hot sun can dry out those oils and bake the asphalt, so to speak. When it dries out, you are more likely to see cracked or crumbly asphalt. Sealcoating prevents the evaporation of oils.

Sealcoating Resists Chemicals

Cars can leak a number of different chemicals onto the asphalt. Oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and gas are only a few chemicals that may seep into your asphalt. Some of these substances can damage the asphalt severely. Sealcoating provides a barrier that minimizes damages from chemicals.

Sealcoating Resists Water

While asphalt is durable and can last a long time, water is one of its biggest enemies. When water gets inside the asphalt, it can speed up the deterioration of your parking lot. Then, when you enter freezing temperatures, the water expands and continues to crack the concrete. By sealcoating your lot, you can prevent water from seeping into the cracks to begin with.

The benefits of sealcoating will prevent you from replacing the asphalt and increase its lifespan. Likewise, it will keep your parking lot looking professional and appealing. If you are ready to prioritize your commercial parking lot, contact Asphalt Surfacing. For more information on what sealcoating can do for your lot, call 408-673-4719 or email us today!

Enjoy Safe, ADA-Compliant Commercial Concrete Ramps

Business owners need to create safe access for individuals who require assistance. Ramps for your entrance aren’t the only feature your business needs to be ADA compliant, but it’s an essential feature that can affect your curb appeal, accessibility, and safety. Explore the benefits of an ADA-compliant concrete ramp by a local concrete professional.

Features of an ADA-Compliant Ramp

A ramp project may look relatively straightforward, but there are a number of features that must be included to be compliant and safe. Ramps need to have a specific slope and length to allow wheelchairs and electric scooters to safely navigate them. Ramps require signage, markings, and enough traction to create a safe option for gaining entrance to your building.

Improper installation, particularly of a more permanent material like concrete, can require expensive modifications in order to keep your property safe and compliant. Be sure you choose a quality ramp contractor who is knowledgeable and experienced with ADA compliance features.

Benefits of Choosing Concrete

There are many material options for your ADA ramp, including aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and concrete. Concrete is the most efficient and long-lasting option for your business. Other materials require continuous monitoring and maintenance to prevent hazardous conditions. Choose a material that’s designed to last longer and provide a firmer surface for daily traffic.

Concrete doesn’t have the same rust, rot, and water collection issues. Other materials may absorb water or become worn-out over time when installed outside your building. These factors can create a dangerous ramp if it isn’t maintained and inspected.

Work With a Local Concrete Professional

At Asphalt Surfacing, our professional team is experienced in pouring ADA-compliant concrete ramps, maintaining and repairing concrete, and striping parking lots. Call 408-673-4719 or email us today to find out how you can enjoy an affordable and long-lasting ramp that doesn’t harm your curb appeal or create a safety issue for your valued customers.

Maintaining Your Commercial Asphalt This Spring

Spring is a great time to take care of some much-needed maintenance. As you prepare your list of spring-cleaning tasks, be sure to include parking lot maintenance. Find out more about what needs to be done to maintain your commercial parking lot this spring.

Inspect Your Asphalt

Don’t wait until your lot has significant wear; inspect your asphalt often to spot signs of chips, cracks, potholes, or stains. These can all be signs that your sealcoat is compromised and your parking lot may need resurfacing. Small cracks may not seem like an emergency issue, but waiting too long can dramatically increase the size, cost, and severity of minor asphalt issues.

Small cracks and potholes quickly grow to become major ones. If left unchecked, cracks can grow to cause foundation issues. Minor repair projects are far more affordable than foundation repair, so be sure to stay on top of routine maintenance.

Schedule Line Striping Services

A parking lot without lines can be frustrating for your employees or customers. Without new lines, it can be difficult to find a good place to park and many individuals may inadvertently double park their vehicle. Refresh your line striping with a fast and efficient service.

Enjoy a Sealcoating Service

Sealcoating is an affordable service that can make a huge difference. This top layer protects against UV rays, water, oil, gasoline, and other harmful factors that can damage your asphalt. Check with a local asphalt service provider to receive more information about sealcoating, pothole repairs, and other maintenance services that can improve the value of your parking lot this spring.

Learn More About Your Northern California Parking Lot

Contact Asphalt Surfacing, Inc. by calling 408-673-4719 or sending us an email today for more information about spring maintenance tips for your Northern California business. Request a quote today to discover how you can improve the safety, convenience, and curb appeal of your commercial driveway and parking lot.

The Importance of Fixing Potholes

As a property manager, there are probably a lot of items on your to-do list. As you look over it to prioritize the items, be sure you keep pothole repair at the top. While this might seem like something you could save for later, there are several important reasons for getting it done now.


Whether you have many potholes on your property or just one, they pose a risk of damage and injury. If someone hits a pothole while driving, it could cause damage to the car or even themselves. That person may sue you for damages. If someone steps into the pothole while walking from their car to the building, and the individual gets injured from it, you could be financially liable for the injuries. Accidents happen, but if you promptly fix potholes you can remove some of the risk.

Curb Appeal

When someone pulls up to your business for the first time, the first thing he or she will see is the parking lot. You may have an impressive setup inside, but if the parking lot is riddled with potholes, the customer may not ever make it inside. A disheveled parking lot may give the impression you are careless and lack respect for your property. This could lead customers to believe you run your business the same way. Improving curb appeal with pothole repair shows you care and take pride in your business.


Leaving repairs for later can cause the problem to get bigger. Bigger problems become bigger repairs, which ultimately means bigger costs. If you want to save on maintenance costs, it would be in your best interest to repair any potholes as soon as possible.

Learning More

Keeping your property well maintained comes with a lot of benefits you may not have thought about. If you own a property with potholes, it’s important you get them repaired in a timely manner. Contact Asphalt Surfacing today, by calling 408-673-4719 or emailing us to learn more about what you can do to extend the life of your asphalt.

Maintain Your Parking Lot With These Tips

Your asphalt parking lot is your chance to make a first impression with your customers. Don’t let minor cracks and potholes turn into major issues, instead, follow these tips to maintain your commercial parking lot and save money. A professional asphalt team can assist you in routine maintenance and emergency repairs for a smooth, beautiful parking lot to greet your customers.

Perform Routine Inspections

The most important step in parking lot maintenance is prevention. Minor damage quickly escalates as your asphalt and sealcoating is compromised. Perform a visual check of your parking lot for any cracks and potholes, and consider hiring a professional for more in-depth inspections. Spotting signs early can reduce the time and cost of maintenance.

Invest in Sealcoating and Other Maintenance

Asphalt parking lots use a sealant to prevent moisture damage all year round. However, this sealant can become compromised after a few years. Discuss your sealcoating options with a professional team near you and consider scheduling this service. This affordable maintenance step can prevent major cracks and large potholes from forming.

If it’s too late and your parking lot is already cracking or showing signs of fading, stains, or oxidation, ask about other maintenance steps. Restore your smooth surface and structural parking area with patches, painting, and sealcoating.

Schedule Prompt Repairs

Large cracks and deep potholes require extensive repairs. These damages can compromise not only the top layer of your parking lot but the foundation itself. Receive estimates for emergency repairs before the issue becomes even worse.

Work With a Professional Team Near You

Turn to Asphalt Surfacing for asphalt maintenance and repair services in Northern California. Enjoy prompt, professional, and affordable services that can restore your parking lot and impress your customers. Receive an estimate today to discover how a small investment can help you avoid a major expense in the months and years to come. Call 408-673-4719 or email us today for more information.

sealcoat to prevent asphalt cracking

Signs Your Asphalt Is Asking for a Repair

Your asphalt can’t just speak and ask for a repair when it needs one, but there are some signs you can watch for in order to know on your own. As a property manager, you have a lot to take care of, and asphalt repair is just one of many. The following signs are asphalt’s way of telling you when it needs to be repaired.


All asphalt takes a beating and will eventually begin to crack. It’s normal wear and tear, but it’s something you should have repaired if you want your parking lot to remain in the best condition possible. Some cracks get bigger over time, causing more of a danger, and others allow moisture down into the substances beneath, which creates crumbling and deterioration.

The presence of a crack isn’t the only thing to make note of. Be sure to keep an eye on how big they are and how rapidly they are growing. If you have a crack in your asphalt that gets bigger by the day, you should have it repaired immediately. If there is a crack that hasn’t grown at all you may be able to hold off on repairing it.

Uneven Surfaces

While your original surface was probably level, it may have become warped over time. Buckling and warping makes for a wild ride when someone’s driving on it, as well as becoming a hazard to those who are walking from their car to your building.

An uneven surface can also create problems with drainage. Instead of water draining off the lot, it pools and begins to seep through small cracks in the surface. This creates bigger cracks and bigger repair bills. If you notice uneven surfaces in your lot, it’s best to contact the professionals.

Calling in Professionals Assistance

Whether you’ve noticed cracks or uneven surfaces, or simply want to repave to improve the lot aesthetically, contact the professionals at Asphalt Surfacing by calling 408-673-4719 or sending us an email today!

The Basics of Sealcoating

Asphalt parking lots have to withstand a lot. Aside from cars and other vehicles driving and parking on them, they take a beating from the sun, the rain, and the changes in temperature. Sealcoating is one way you can ensure your parking lot stays in the best condition possible at all times.

What Does the Process Look Like?

When you order sealcoating for your asphalt parking lot, a professional will evaluate the surface to look for stains, damage, and other issues that might need a repair before the sealcoating is applied. Those problems will then be repaired, after which the surface will be cleaned. Your parking lot will then have a primer applied, followed by the sealcoat.

How Can One Prepare for the Job?

If your parking lot is going to be sealcoated, you can prepare by ensuring the entire area is free from vehicles or anything else that could get in the way. Depending on the type of traffic you have in your lot each day, you could post signs leading up to the day of the job so everyone will know not to park their cars in the lot. You could also put flyers on windshields to get the information out.

You should also turn off any sprinkler systems and make sure all gated areas that require access are unlocked. If your landscape includes trees or shrubs that hang over the lot, you could trim them out of the way.

What Are the Benefits?

There are a lot of sealcoating benefits you might not be aware of. The following are just a few.

  • Repair and protection against cracks, potholes, and fading
  • Protection against penetrating water, oil, and chemicals
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Reduced repair costs in the long term
  • Longevity

When Can the Lot Be Used Again?

After the job is done, the asphalt parking lot should sit unused for at least 24 hours to dry and cool, though an additional 12 hours would be ideal. The sprinklers should not be turned on for at least 48 hours to ensure the sealer dries completely and correctly. After you have waited long enough, you can open the lot again.

Finding Answers to Your Questions

Sealcoating is a great way to protect an investment. As a commercial property owner, you can find more answers to your questions regarding this service by contacting Asphalt Surfacing by calling 408-673-4719 or emailing us today.

Essential Features of Professional Pothole Repair

Your parking lot doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, so it’s easy to take it for granted. However, when it starts to chip, crack, and form potholes, it’s time for some preventative maintenance. Learn why you need to repair those potholes quickly, rather than wait for them to expand.

Improved Curb Appeal

Even minor potholes are unappealing and unprofessional. Whether your parking lot is for employees, customers or both, a smooth, flawless parking lot and driveway communicate professionalism and improve the curb appeal of your business. Don’t let a few cracks and crevices prevent your company from landing important clients or bringing in new customers.

Customer Safety and Safety

Over time, those minor potholes can start to grow and cause damage to vehicles. Few things can ruin customer satisfaction like a popped tire or damaged suspension when pulling into your parking lot. Minor potholes won’t cause these issues, but they can quickly grow.

Potholes can also cause customers to sprain their ankle or otherwise injure themselves while walking. This is particularly true in poor weather conditions, which makes potholes an even greater tripping hazard. Don’t wait until someone is injured before repairing your parking lot and promoting safety throughout your commercial property.

Long-Term Savings

In the end, you’ll save money by repairing small potholes. If a small hole or crack gets out of hand, it creates deep cracks in the foundation of your parking lot. A foundation crack requires major excavation and resurfacing, which is far more expensive than filling a pothole.

Invest in routine maintenance today to save money in the long-term care and ownership of your commercial property. If you’re ready to restore the beautiful look and smooth feel of your parking lot or driveway, contact Asphalt Surfacing for a team of experienced, qualified contractors. Call 408-673-4719 or email us to enjoy a beautiful new parking lot today!



How to Care for Asphalt Without Busting the Budget

For property managers, maintaining a large parking lot, or several of them, is a big task. The job is made easier if you have an unlimited budget and you can fix things whenever you want or repave the entire parking lot every few years, but this is seldom the case. Therefore, you have to make a number of decisions. How long can I go between sealcoats? When is the optimal time for repaving? Do I need to add new striping and signage this year, or can I wait until next year? All of these questions have implications for your customers and for your bottom line. The answer to your problem is education. The more you know about asphalt maintenance the better decisions you can make.

Keys to Saving Money with Asphalt Care

A number of methods will allow you to get the most out of your parking lots, without pushing the limit and affecting your customers and clients. The following steps make sure you are spending your dollars in the best way possible.

  • Regular maintenance is a money saver. Waiting until a repair is major before taking care of it costs more in the long run. Scheduled maintenance and inspections not only allow you to spend less they enable you to budget properly for expenses.
  • Sealcoating is essential. This inexpensive procedure extends the lifespan of your asphalt while making it look good. It’s one of the best ways to protect the value of your parking lot.
  • Make sure to plan ahead. Expect to fully resurface your lots every 15 to 20 years. A longer time frame and you will be looking at a rundown parking lot.

Tips for Selecting the Right Contractor

The biggest decision you will make is hiring an asphalt company. Look for a reputable company that you can work with. Contact Asphalt Surfacing to get the most for your money. Call 408-673-4719 or send us an email today!

Stripe Your Parking Lot to Create Order

If left to their own devices, parking lots can soon become a chaotic nightmare. Vehicles are headed in every direction, often at alarming speeds, and it seems only a matter of time before an accident happens. Therefore, it’s important to create some order out of this confusing situation. There are several tools at your disposal. One is excellent lighting and another is proper signage – letting people know where to go, how fast, and when to stop. A third critical tool is the striping that goes down on parking lots in the form of painted lines. Once these lines grow faint, chaos will return.

Reasons to Pay Attention to Striping

You might be tempted to put off striping your parking lot, thinking it is an unnecessary expense. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You should make sure the striping on your parking lot is visible for the following reasons:

  • It is required by the American Disabilities Act to have handicapped parking
  • It strengthens the safety of pedestrians by designating places they can walk
  • It provides a clear guide for traffic
  • It makes your parking lot look professional and well-maintained
  • It pleases your customers and your employees

A professional asphalt company helps you maintain the integrity of your parking lot. Proper striping is one aspect of this. Without striping, your parking lot becomes like the Wild West and bad things happen: accidents, injuries, and inconveniences. Healthy, able drivers might park in a handicapped space unknowingly, depriving a handicapped person of his or her rightful spot.

A newly striped parking lot also has an attractive appearance. If you’ve gone to the trouble of nice landscaping and laying down fresh asphalt, then striping complements all of this. To find the best ways to create order in your parking lot, contact Asphalt Surfacing, Inc. by calling 408-673-4719 or sending an email today!